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11./12 December 2017 in Halle (Saale)
3. Fraunhofer-Technical Symposium »Magnetwerkstoffe, Seltene Erden und Wertschöpfungsketten« (Magnetic Materials, Rare Earth and Supply Chains)

FairMagnet was presented during the 3rd Technical Symposium of the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems (IMWS) , see Programm.

22 November 2017, Stuttgart
1. FairMagnet Workshop - Achieving more togther
Sustainable mining and processing of rare earths for the magnet production

In a first public workshop, representatives from industry, civil society, German federal and state-level agenicies, academic and research institutes came together to discuss the further development of the FairMagnet initiative - potentially into an internationally recognized sustainability seal.

Preparatory events in which members of the FairMagnet team participated:

24 October 2017
G-STIC Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conference „Technological Solutions fort he SDGs“ (Brussels) 

19 October, 2017
ISEAL Training: Sustainability Standards Essentials (Bonn)

17 October, 2017
German Global Compact network, participant conference: “Unternehmen 2030: Langfristige Wettbewerbsfähigkeit sichern” (Companies 2030: ensuring long-term competitiveness (Berlin)

16 October, 2017
Conflict Minerals – Carefree thanks to due diligence? (Berlin)

28 June, 2017
ISEAL: Global Sustainability Standards Conference (Zurich)

5th - 7th June 2017
World Circular Economy Forum WCEF (Helsinki)

16 May, 2016
Innovative corporate cooperation for sustainable business, IÖW (Berlin)

4th – 5th April 2017
13th German CSR Forum (Ludwigsburg)

22 – 24th March 2017
7th Rare Earth Market Conference (Ganzhou, China)

21 March, 2017
Participant conference of the German Global Compact Network (Berlin)

16 February, 2017
Presentation of the German ressource efficiency price (BMWi, Berlin)

08 Dezember, 2016
Raw materials Conference/ Opening of the Frauenhofer IMWS center for the Economics of raw materials  CEM, BMUB (Berlin)

07 December, 2016
Workshop „Umweltauswirkungen und –themen in der Lieferkette identifizieren“ (Identify environmenal impacts and themes of the supply chain)  BMUB, in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency, adelphi and Systain (Berlin)

06 December, 2017
DERA Commodity dialogue and presentation of the DERA raw materials list 2016 (Berlin)

12 October, 2016
German Global Compact Network Working Wokrshop (GIZ-Haus Berlin)

05 October, 2016
Resource Efficiency Conference (Karlsruhe)

9th – 10th September 2016
Crash course policy of raw materials, organised by Power Shift registered association, in cooperation with FairLötet, Nager IT and others (Goslar)

16th – 17th July 2016
Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, Seminar of the evangelical Academy Bad Boll

Photo: Ganzhou, 7th  Rare Earth Market Conferenze, March 2017 in China