FairMagnet determines the current situation and evaluates the stage of action to improve CSR-Processes by Chinese raw magnet manufacturer. The certification is conducted by the EHS Center of Nanjing University.

EHS Center of Nanjing University created a criteria catalogue for raw magnets based on standard systems such as ISO 26000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000, SA 8000 and Chinese national laws. This catalogue comprises the following six areas.

  1. Management systems
  2.  Business ethics
  3.  Employee rights
  4.  Environmental protection
  5.  Health and safety at work
  6.  On-the-job safety in the process of production

The criteria catalogue of raw magnets includes 300 indicators measuring the current state of the factory as well as potential risks. Additionally evaluation questionnaires are filled by suitable managers of each factory. Based on assessment results, an individual EHS training programme is developed for every raw magnet manufacturer and a recommendation catalogue is compiled.


Audit criteria

The complete catalogue of audit criteria can be download here.


Risk Management

The factory audits help the factory managers and magnet importers to identify risks and their relevance for creation of implementation plans.

Adapted after: UN Global Compact (2012)


Example from a factory audit

The following example shows an example of the type of detail the auditors are checking: The gas canister could possibly be stored save but the protection lock is missing.