FairMagnet is an independent, non-commercial initiative. FairMagnet will be managed by a German-Chinese committee consisting of representatives of business, science and civil society.

The initiators of FairMagnet are convinced that long-term success can only be achieved if the private sector, civil company and public sector co-operate on an equal footing and bring solutions together. A continuously multi-stakeholder dialogue will offer the possibility to all stakeholders to exchange views on their respective positions and specific topics.

The coordination and the management of FairMagnet will be carried out by a project group, which initially consists primarily of members of the non-profit association DuniaNet e.V.  (registered association). Following the developmental and environmental ideals of the United Nations, the association aims at improving the living conditions of people in emerging and developing countries to protect the environment in the countries of the Global South and to attract funding and donations from institutions, especially non-governmental organisations and educational institutions. The founding meeting of DuniaNet registered association took place on 7 Nov. 2017.

China’s FairMagnet activities (e.g. supplier audits, training, improvement measures) will be carried out by the Nanjing University’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Center and by external consultants or auditing firms.

The following diagram gives an overview of the current structure of FairMagnet.

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