Implementation plans

For every company implementation plans and recommendations are being developed by the  FairMagnet-Team for each of the following six audit categories:

  1. Management systems: The process of developing, implementation or adjustment is developed by comparing existing standards and norms with results from factory-assessments. For instance the following questions may arise: Is the factory already certified by ISO 9001 and TS 16949? How are CSR subjects communicated inside and externally?
  2. Business ethics: In particular, this category comprises regulations for fair market competition in business partnerships as an essential part of CSR policy.
  3. Employees rights comprise of all legal relations between employee and employer. Particularly, job contracts which regulate wage, cancellation clauses, regulations for pregnant women and shift workers. Employee rights, competitiveness and corporate interests are not inherently contradictory.
  4. In the area of corporate environment protection, various recommendations can be part of implementation plans. These would concern for example: energy consumption and energy efficiency, wastewater and waste management, noise abatement, emissions, chemicals management and product lifecycle costs.
  5. Health and safety at the workspace includes in particular the technical, medical and social safety at work and maintaining the employees’ health. This is accompanied by the safety assessment of the plant. For instance, employees should be instructed to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) - and being equipped with PPE. In addition, fire safety management measures and regular emergency evacuation exercises have to be conducted etc.
  6. In the category industrial safety the ‘Three Simultaneous Approach’ is being pursued. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) have to be on exhibit and easily accessible to all workers concerned. Furthermore, all employees are instructed and trained regularly on relevant aspects highlighted in these MSDS. Moreover, employees’ are tested on knowledge and awareness of training content.

The picture shows an example for storing chemical substances in a raw magnet factory.